June 10th

Zirgu Pasts | 19:00

Joana von Mayer Trindade & Hugo Calhim Cristóvão | "Sweats Of Honey and Death Will Have No Dominion" | Portugal

Hugo Calhim Cristóvão
Director, choreographer and researcher. Holds a doctorate in
philosophy from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto
with the thesis Actor-Network Theory: Methodology and Ontology.
An Eventual Irreduction of Philosophy to Be, and a master’s degree
in contemporary philosophy with the thesis The Dionysian, Zos vel
Thanatos, and the Zoetic Art – Sorcery of Austin Osman Spare. He
has a degree in philosophy and in theatre, specialising in acting and

Joana von Mayer Trindade
Choreographer, dancer and teacher. She has a master’s degree in
solo/dance/authorship from the Berlin University of the Arts, and a
degree in Psychology from the University of Porto. She completed
the contemporary dance performer course at Forum Dança and the
Essais course at the National Contemporary Dance Centre in Angers
Together they co-founded the research group NuIsIs ZoBoP (2004) and created multiple well acclaimed performances.

Direction, Choreography, Dramaturgy and Formation Hugo Calhim Cristóvão & Joana von Mayer  Trindade| Dance and Performance Sara Miguelote, Michele Simi, Beatriz Coelho e Lucia Marrodan | Sound Design João Oliveira| Light Design Luís Silva | Costume Design UN T| Scenography Jérémy Pajeanc & NuIsIs ZoBoP| Theory & Philosophy Hugo Calhim Cristóvão, Joana von Mayer Trindade, Celeste Natário, Carlos Pimenta, Cláudia Marisa, Cristina Aguiar, Ezequiel Santos, Hugo Monteiro, Rui Lopo, Mário Correia, Manuela Hargreaves, Nuno Matos Duarte, Chris Page, Afonso Becerra, Armando Nascimento Rosa, Luís Ramos, Pedro Fiúza, Sofia Vilar Soares | Documentation, Interviews Cristina Aguiar e Cláudia Galhós | Video Os Fredericos| Photography Alípio Padilha e João Peixoto | Executive Production Joana Domingues & NuIsIs ZoBoP | Co-production Theatro Circo de Braga, Teatro Municipal de Bragança – Algures a Nordeste Festival de dança Contemporânea, Casa Varela – Centro de Experimentação Artística e Cine Teatro - Louletano | Artistic Residencies  Casa Varela – Centro de Experimentação Artística, Circolando, Ágora - Cultura e Desporto, Centro de Criação do Candoso - Fábrica Asa, Ginasiano  e Kale/Armazém 22, Centro de Criação e Investigação Nuisis Zobop.

Duration: 1h30

Partners Instituto de Filosofia da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, Instituto de Sociologia da Universidade do Porto - FLUP, Escola do Superior de Educação do Porto, Escola Superior de Arte Dramática da Galiza, ESMAE-Escola Superior Música e Artes do Espetáculo do Porto, Universidade Lusófona do Porto e Fórum Dança.

Support: Ágora - Cultura e Desporto e Festival Abril Dança Coimbra – Teatrão.

Internationalisation Support: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation


"Sweats Of Honey and Death Will Have No Dominion"

Initially, the Dionysian intoxication of insubmission was honey. From caves where bees were said to sweat honey. Like humans, when the heat turns their skin red and the ‘mania’ sweeps them away from the collective drive to conform. Manifesting itself as a dance of urgency in the amplexus, an urgent dance of a sexualised and multiform Dionysian entity, constantly mutating in its entrails, a revolt of the trees and the forest in silence, a transgression of convinced identities, a transgression of excluded third parties. ‘Sweats Of Honey and Death Will Have No Dominion’, 50 years after the 25th of April, treats dance as insubmission and the Dionysian revolution of Heterodoxy. in articulation with the sensual poetry of Natália Correia, Luiza Neto Jorge, the new Dionysian of A. O. Spare, Plato's Symposium, and Nietzsche's Philosophy/Dance that remains from the previous creation. Insubmissive gifts of art in movement and politics in movement, so that we know how to be in the silence that is dreamt of and walked on, ‘guests of the sacred which does not manifest itself” (N.C) HCC & JvMT


Digital Art House | 21:00

Sammy Chien & Caroline MacCaull |

“Inner Sublimity” | Canada

A Chimerik 似不像 Project

Co-Creators/Performers/Media Artists: Sammy Chien & Caroline MacCaull | Sound Composer: Giorgio Magnanensi (featuring Chris Rolfe**,** Ambient Series #11) | Music contributors: Ai-De Yang 楊愛德, Laris Bäucker, Christian Del Conte Lighting Designer: Jonathan Kim | Dramaturgy Advisor: Claire French | Movement Research Advisor/International Partner: Wu-Kang Chen 陳武康 /Horse Dance Theater 驫舞劇場 | Producing Support: Wen Huang 黃雯 & Yu Fang Teng 鄧宇芳

Special Thank you 感謝:

Horse Dance Theater 驫舞劇場 (Taiwan)

Dance on Fluid 浮州舞場 (Taiwan)

Taiwan National University of the Arts 台灣藝術大學 The Dance Centre (Canada)

Francesca Lettieri/Ballo Pubblico Festival (Italy) Olga Zitluhina/LAIKS DEJOT Festival (Latvia)

The production of this work is supported by Dance Victoria’s Chrystal Dance Prize, Canada Council for the Arts & BC Arts Council

Chimerik 似不像 initially emerged as an interdisciplinary collective idea in 2009, co-founded by Sammy Chien & Shang-Han Chien in Vancouver, BC. In 2011, Chimerik 似不像 was incorporated in Taiwan as a company until 2014 where the company transitioned to non-profit arts collective. For many years, Chimerik 似不像 functioned as arts collective with the primary base in Vancouver, BC, with a secondary base in Taipei, Taiwan with frequent international collaboration in cities such as Berlin, Germany. In 2023, Chimerik 似不像 incorporated as a BC-based non-profit organization in order to strength our impact in Canada and beyond.

"Inner Sublimity” showcases the complexity of life, the light and shadows we all face. This duet utilizes cutting edge interactive technology and deep somatic movement explorations whilst combining east and west cultural knowledge, spiritual practices, and movement to intentionally expand the narrow view that Western society has imposed upon spirituality. By questioning these different paradigms, the artists begin to open new dialogues, new connections and new potential for collective healing.

Asia and Europe, though distinct in their cultural backgrounds and histories, both offer important grounds to develop this work. In Taiwan, a place steeped in rich traditions of spirituality and a deep reverence for cultural heritage, our art making approach can amplify the cultural practices that have been preserved for generations, providing a fresh lens through which to interpret and celebrate their significance. In Europe, a continent with a complex tapestry of spiritual traditions and an emergent interest in holistic well-being, this fusion offers a new perspective that can reinvigorate the exploration of spirituality in the contemporary context.

“Inner Sublimity” won the Chystal Dance Prize for 2023/24 which supported our research in Taiwan, as part of the Dance On Fluid Residency, working with Wu-kang Chen/Horse Dance Theater 驫. The work is planned to premiere in Riga, Latvia as part of “the largest contemporary dance event in Latvia – the international contemporary dance festival” LAIKS DEJOT, Ballo Pubblico Festival in Poggibonsi/Sienna, Italy & the Venice Art Night (Collateral Events of the Venice Biennale Arte 2024) in June 2024, and various formats and scales of this work around Europe and Asia in 2025 and 2026.