June 11th

Zirgu Pasts | 19:00

Yuko Kominami | “Iwa-kagami” | Portugal  &                    Gitanjali Rao short-movie “Printed Rainbow” | India


Presentation of the Portuguese dance artists & post-performance discussion

Yuko Kominami | Dancer | Choreographer

Born in 1973, Japan. She studied butoh and dance in Tokyo. After finishing her BA in Japanese history at Waseda University, she did a Professional Diploma in Community Dance Studies and an Independent Study Programme at Laban Centre London from 1998 to 2000. She obtained her MA in Dance Cultures, Histories and Practices from the University of Surrey in 2006. She has been working as an independent dance and performance artist. She has collaborated with other dancers, choreographers, artists, musicians and theatre directors of various landscapes. She has performed her work in prominent festivals such as Festival June Events - Atelier de Paris Carolyn Carlson, Les Repérages Danse à Lille, Festivalul International de Teatru de la Sibiu, Bodyradical in Budapest, Odisha Biennale in India and so on. She has also worked and performed in countries around the world – including Luxembourg, France, Germany,Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Finland, Turkey, U.K. , Japan, China, India and Peru.

Her work consists of experiments with movements in-between (movements of becoming) where intensities of individuals intersect. And through these experiments she aims towards affirmations of multiple and fragmented movements of ‘a life’.

Yuko Kominami (Dance)
Tomás Tello (Music)
Diego Vizcarra (Video)

Executive production:
Rhysom Danz Kollektiv asbl
Centre Culturel Réginal Dudelange opderschmelz
Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L

Fondation Indépendance

“Iwa-kagami” (2018)

The solo dance piece is about my father who died recently. After he was
diagnosed with cancer, he was going through the memories of his whole life,
trying to settle the end, while trying to enjoy life fully as long as possible. Iwakagami is a pink flower which blossoms in certain mountains. In his last days,
due to his strong request, we climbed a very steep mountain to see this flower.
I remember his happiness to see the flower, and the resemblance between him
and the flower, crawling and blossoming beautifully.
The piece is a homage to a soul who cherished his life and precious memories.



Gitanjali Rao  | Animator | Filmmaker | Storyteller

is the writer and Director of Bombay Rose, an animated feature film that Opened the 34th Venice Critic's Week 2019. The film has been to 25 international festivals and won four awards since September 2019. Gitanjali emerged into the international stage with her animated short, ‘Printed Rainbow’ which premiered and won three awards in Cannes Critic’s week 2006. The film made it to the 2008 Oscar shortlist and won 25 awards. She is also an actor and debuted in Shoojit Sircar's film 'October' which won her 5 nominations for best Supporting Actress.


To contextualize the short animation movie "Printed Rainbow" to show after "Iwa-Kagami" Yuko Kominami wrote:

I came to know the film, long before I created the dance piece "Iwa-Kagami".
I loved it.
It was a beautiful put oeuvre and I suddenly was totally embraced by the warmth of the director, cherishing a person's life and her continuing journey.
My father passed away and from a strong impulse, "Iwa-Kagami" came to life - a homage to a soul who cherished his life and precious memories. The piece and Printed Rainbow treat the universal theme in its each unique way and share the warmth of affirming life/death spirals.
For the premiere of "Iwa-Kagami" in Luxembourg, I curated the evening so that the film to be shown after, with live music by the composer of the film - Rajivan Ayyappan.
It was my wish to imagine my father continuing his fantastic journey on the other side like the grandmother in the film, and for the audience to feel the ongoing journey and presence of happiness and appreciation of life-death spirals at the end of the evening.
Therefore the dance piece and the film makes a whole. It compliments each other.