Festival “Laiks dejot” was started in 1998 as evenings of contemporary dance performances by Latvian choreographers. Over the years, it has managed to become the largest contemporary dance event in Latvia and has also attracted a lot of interest from both professionals and audiences abroad. This is evidenced by the range of countries that has been represented in the festival in the previous years – so far, “Laiks dejot’” has hosted artists from 28 countries in Europe, Asia, Northern and Southern America.

“TIME TO DANCE 2017” invites to watch dance performances and attend workshops by choreographers, dancers and performers from Austria, Belgium, China, Cyprus, France, Greece, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Syria, UK and USA. The works included in the program varies from intimate self-portraits to extraordinary stories about global issues and impressive interdisciplinary projects, showcasing a wide array of contemporary dance trends and brightest accomplishments. Particular attention in this year's festival will be paid to dance artists over 50 years old.

The festival is organized by the Latvian Contemporary Dance Choreographers Association and association “Party”.